Our company primarily specialises in the serial manufacturing of electronics products, but we are still engaged in the conception and manufacturing of prototypes as well. We are continually expanding our capacities based on our customers’ needs. Since the founding of our Company, the development and modernisation of our production lines have been manoeuvred step by step so that our operations may become more efficient and of supreme quality.

When selecting our SMT (surface mount technology) component placement systems, we also took into account factors affecting production line utilisation, while continuously increasing the precision of our SMT machines. The actual speed of our lines exceeds 100,000 cph. We are capable of the high precision placement of a broad range of electronic components from 0201” to 90x100 mm odd shape components.

From the very beginning, we have only considered working with in-line equipment, and therefore panel forwarding and handling are also carried out by robotic machines. For the soldering of THT components, both a conventional and a selective wave soldering machine is available.

We use proprietary process control software to control the manufacturing processes. The infrastructure required for this has been developed individually, so that we are able to gather detailed tracking data at each station of the SMT and assembly processes, from component placement and climate testing to automatic optical inspection and machine surface finishing (varnishing, application of thermal paste).


The manual assembly line is an essential part of the operations of our Company. Activities that cannot be automated are carried out here. Our experienced staff performs operations related to the preparation of manufacturing and the final assembly of products here.

The fact that our customers have constantly been expecting us to deliver high quality services has resulted in, among other things, a continuous improvement of our processes and technology since the foundation of the Company. We also had to progress in the area of serial manufacturing in order to meet the needs that have arisen. We operate manual presses and semi-automatic cable harnessing machines as well, and therefore, the quality of the first work piece is just as excellent as that of the last one.


For the functional checking of our products, we also build automatic and semi-automatic bed of nails testers, which are manufactured by our own development team, tailoring the related software and hardware to our customers’ requirements.

We can also boast several proprietary products, including industrial applications, medical and automotive electronics products and applications. Regardless of the phase your product is currently in, we can help you from conceptualisation to implementation by means of our engineering services, whether it is custom hardware or software development, consulting or preparation of manufacturing.


In order to provide customers with services tailored to their business needs, our activities have been complemented by enclosure machining.

We undertake to implement the entire production process from design and purchasing to the final assembly. Our clamping devices of dedicated design are low-cost, and even in case of small series manufacturing, they ensure precise machining and that your business can recoup the investment.

In this field, our service offering will soon be further expanded. In the near future, we will be able to provide you with self-procured plastic enclosures for the panels designed by you. Enclosure procurement, documentation, and implementation will be our job, so that you can spend more time on designing and developing your product.